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Yomi is the first son and second child of his parents. He grew up both in Lagos and in the United States. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas and the University of South Florida. His got his masters in Chemical engineering from University of South Florida and his MBA at Arizona State University. As you can see, Yomi is a very driven person. He is very ambitious, focused and has the “get the job done” type of personality. He is your typical Leo with all the perks and quirks that come with that personality type. He is very generous, and can give his time and money to anyone in need. He absolutely hates being taken advantage of or being underappreciated. Yomi, Boo mi!! We have come a LONG, LONG Way, through the ups and the downs, the laughter, the tears, the silent moments, the happy moments; we have made it this far.

"God really had a hand in our relationship! I am so thankful to God for allowing you to come into my life at the time that I needed you the most."

By God’s grace, you have been my ROCK and my STRENGTH! You have proven yourself time and time again that I can depend on you and count on you. I have no fear in committing myself to you because I know I will be in good hands. You have made loving me your priority and I appreciate, love and thank you for that. I have no fear in having your children because I know they will be brought up with the utmost discipline and love. We do not have it all figured out yet; we still have kinks to work out in life.