Bride & Groom

Yomi Shobowale


Yomi is the first son and second child of his parents. He grew up both in Lagos and in the United States. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas and the University of South Florida. His got his masters in Chemical engineering from University of South Florida and his MBA at Arizona state university. Yomi is a very driven person...

Eji Ativie


Eji comes from a large family; she is the first child of her parents and also has six siblings. If you ask me to describe one or two things that stands out about Eji, it will have to be her gregarious, bubbly personality and her compassion. I guess these are a few traits that I found attractive and makes me love her so much. She has been such a positive influence in...

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Our Love Story

How We Met

15 Oct, 2010

I had just moved to Philadelphia about 2months prior and was still getting to know people around the area. On this faithful evening in October, a new friend I had met...

Our First Date

10 Dec, 2010

Yomi and I hung out quite a lot before our official first date. He would always stop to see me on his way back from work just to spend some time with me...

The Proposal

11 Feb, 2012

Yomi and I hung out quite a lot before our official first date. He would always stop to see me on his way back from work just to spend some time with me...

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"Yomi told me how he and Eji supported each other on every single level and how they were one spiritually.
When a man starts mentioning a woman and God then you already know that it is meant to be..."

Esosa Imoisili

Wedding Party

close person

Shola Makinde


Due to Yomi and I living in different parts of the country for the entirety of the time that he has dated Eji, [...]

close person

Ella Ativie


I am Ella, Eji's cousin. Over the years, abundant blessings have come upon Eji and Yomi as a [...]



Emeka Iwuagwu


You know I don't honestly remember exactly when/how I met Yomi. I know it was over over 14 yrs ago, it's been a while! Back then as [...]

Emeka Imoisili


I have known Yomi for over 23 years. We lived in the same neighborhood. A couple years prior my family had relocated from the U.S and the estate where we lived was the third placed [...]

Ehinomen Oigbokie


I met Yomi through his cousin; Shola at the University of South Florida, during our junior year. Yomi, came to Tampa from Kansas with this New York swag and style that rubbed off[...]

Gucci Aguh


Eji and yomi......hmmmm well I met yomi for the first time two years ago, when eji brought him over to MN. Cool dude, that was my thought, [...]

Winnie Nyambame


People always say the friends that you make in college would be your friends for life, and I never thought it to be true. Eji and I met during our freshman [...]

Dee Olateru


Flashback (or is it #tbt these days?) to Fall 2005 at Winona State University (woot woot Go Warriors!!). There was a small West African population, and an even smaller Nigerian[...]

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Wedding Events

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March 11th, 2016

All Seasons Multipurpose Hall

Agbara, Ogun State, Nigeria

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May 14th, 2016

Christian Fellowship Of All Nations

4750 North Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL 60640

event image


May 14th, 2016

European Crystal Banquets Center

519 W Algonquin Rd

Arlington Heights, IL 60005


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Chicago Marriott Schaumburg
50 N Martingale Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Reservation: Marriott

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Hyatt Place Chicago/Schaumburg
1851 McConnor Pkwy
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Reservation: Hyatt Place

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The biggest gift you can give us is your attendance at the celebration of our marriage,
however should you wish to give a wedding gift, we would be more than happy to receive
a gift from you from any of the following registries:


Bachelor Party

Tampa, FL

Eguas planned most of the events. It was basically a 3 day weekend with different activities lined up for each day - Paintball, Fifa Tournament, Ping-Pong Tournament etc. Most of the guys arrived on Friday, April 4th and I believe we all decided to go Paintballing that same day too...

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Bridal Shower

Minneapolis, MN

Eji's bridal shower/Bachelorette night was super memorable. It started off on friday night, She flew in to Minneapolis and was picked up by one of our friend's, Winnie. The next day, we the bridesmaids had to disperse and take care of various task for the shower like food, decor, games...

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