This is only for validation

Eji and yomi......hmmmm well I met yomi for the first time two years ago, when Eji brought him over to MN. Cool dude, that was my thought, sharp mouth and rightfully so, because that is the only way to get along with my boo eji... finally she got her Yoruba man that knows how to match her gyrating personality.

Eji and I don't go too way back, I mean eight years is nothing, I dont remember how we met ( but I know we became real close friends, roomies, terrorists to each other and by force sisters. She is definitely a rare breed, and the most competitive little being I ever met, we called her lowerCase hahaha...very tough cookie, I always thought she was too loud, and goofy for me when we first met but I realized we were just about the same but mine was you boo wish you the best!