This is only for validation

From the very first moment when I laid my eyes on her, I knew that she was heaven sent and an angel of mine. Eji is a very beautiful woman, God-fearing, intelligent, highly ambitious and absolutely adorable. She comes from a large family; she is the first child of her parents and also has six siblings. If asked to describe one or two things that stands out about Eji, it will have to be her gregarious, bubbly personality and her compassion. I guess these are a few of her traits that I found attractive and makes me love her so much.

She has been such a positive influence in my life and I do not believe I will be the man that I am today without her by my side. Eji, my love, we have indeed come a very long way. You have taught me how to focus on God even when I digressed; you have taught me how to be more compassionate, and we are still working on my "bubbly" personality.

"You are my #1 priority. You are the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up and the last thing when I go to sleep. I will do absolutely anything for you."

I long for the tenth of May, 2014 to finally be able to call you "Mrs. Sho" in the presence of God, our family and friends. Booooooo Miiiiiiii, let's do this!!!