This is only for validation

Eji's bridal shower/Bachelorette night was super memorable. It started off on friday night, She flew in to Minneapolis and was picked up by one of our friend's, Winnie. The next day, we the bridesmaids had to disperse and take care of various task for the shower like food, decor, games etc. The dress code was all white and everyone was sure to be in their whitest outfit. At about 3pm, the guests began to arrive and were greeted with the signature cocktail for the evening. Unfortunately, the shower could not be a complete surprise as she had to fly in. However, it was a semi surprise. As soon as she walked in, we all screamed 'Congratulations' and got to eating and drinking. As the evening went on, We played a few games, like "How well do you know Eji" and "What does Yomi like?", we reminisced about Winona, we danced, skyped with Dee from India (she won best bridesmaid of the year for that) and talked on the phone with Ola. Towards the end of the evening, of course she changed outfits, being the diva that she is lol. We just kept having a good time till we were tired out.

At about 8pm we left back to one of the girl's place, and got dressed to go for dinner and the night out/Bachelorette party. Dinner was were we had all the crazies come out lol. At dinner, we started the drinking game of "Have you ever?", Let's just say we might not all look at each other the same again lol. It then turned into a game of "Name one of your best one on one experience with Eji". After dinner, we all went out dancing, bar/club hopped and danced to a variety of music from old school hiphop, to R&B to Raggae to techno. Lets just say we made sure that everyone was well lit with EtOH. It was a long fun night.

The next morning, we struggled to wake up, but we made it to brunch lol. Brunch was a nice recap of everyone's life and the night and just catching up like good ol' school girlfriends. Eji left later that afternoon. It was a memorable weekend to say the least.